The Lunar New Year event has begun in World of Warships

World of Warships Lunar New Year January 2021

The first update for the battleship multiplayer action game World Of Warships in 2021 was patch 0.10.0, including the "Lunar New Year" event, several thematic warships, improvements to the command ability system, new Clan Blitzes and more.

In addition to other features, Port Dragon received new elements and was decorated to celebrate the holiday. It was brightened up by the flags, dragons and Chinese lanterns. When performing combat task groups, the main reward is an Anshan with a commander with six skill points and a slot in the port. The developers added some new skills and redesigned some of the old ones. Each commander now has separate skill sections for each class of ship. In battle, the section corresponding to the type of the vessel is active.

World of Warships Lunar New Year January 2021
By participating in the event and completing specific combat tasks, players can receive Journey to the West and Lunar New Year sets. You can obtain all sorts of rewards from these sets, including the new Pan-Asian destroyer Fen Yang, ships Wujing or Sanzang, and permanent camouflages.

Anyone can participate in the Blitz, even players who are not members of clans. To do this, leave an application for participation through the squad creation menu next to the "Battle" button. After that, you have to wait for an invitation to join the squad. Only the commander, who creates a team for participation in the Blitz, must be a clan member. You may receive up to 5,000 coal, 3,000,000 credits, and 120,000 elite commander experience for each Blitz.

More details about the update 0.10 you can learn from the video below or visit the official World Of Warships website.