Mabinogi Mobile will be developed by new studio

Mabinogi Mobile Official Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

Mabinogi Mobile was announced at the end of 2017 by Nexon, and since that time there were almost no new details about the game. Finally, Nexon announced that it plans to collaborate with Wonder Holdings; the companies will focus on the further development of Mabinogi Mobile and KartRider: Drift. Former developers of Mabinogi Mobile and KartRider series from Nexon Korea will be transferred to new corporations.

The executive producer of the Mabinogi series and the executive director of KartRider will be the CEO of the new joint ventures. Min Hur, the CEO of Wonder Holdings, has also been appointed Executive Producer of both projects.

Independent development companies will focus on developing and launching the announced mobile games. Mabinogi Mobile is based on Mabinogi, one of the most popular Korean MMORPG games launched in 2004. The new game will provide an entirely new gaming experience based on the content and mechanics of the original game. Mabinogi is a hugely social-based game, and the new gameplay features will encourage players to cooperate. It is scheduled to be launched in 2021.