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Mad World Review

By BwwDtt | 03 July 2020
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Mad World is an upcoming dark fantasy MMORPG for all mobile platforms browsers.

  • Unique visual style
  • Solid RPG elements
  • Diverse enemies and bosses
  • Deep system of character development

Mad World MMO Gameplay

Even though Mad World is a browser-based HTML5 game, it's a full-fledged MMORPG with a well-balanced system of character development. This upcoming MMO has an art style inspired by Darkest Dungeon and isometric graphics, which means that you always will look at your characters from above. Still, the developers haven't revealed details about classes or skill tree, release date and English localization.

The setting of the events is set into a dark post-apocalyptic world, and the entire population of inhabitants has long forgotten the circumstances that caused the world around them to plunge into chaos. After a thousand years, the doomed world is on the verge of a new era, and players have to explore them to succeed in the game.

Mad World has unique stunning visuals designed as the hand-drawn art. It has different animations that complement the overall style of the new MMO. As you can already see on the gameplay records, even the boss fights don't look overloaded with the number of effects on the screen. However, some abilities may distract from the combat, for example, camera shake effect during AoE attacks.

First of all, you will have to create a playable hero. During the character creation, the game system will offer you to create a male or female character and customize its appearance as far as the editor will allow it. You can change the visual outlook and gameplay style of the chosen hero.

All enemies in the Mad World also have unique visual styles with the original appearance and personal behaviour patterns, skills and locations. You can fight with them using the mouse and keyboard on the PC; it's possible to use skills by clicking on a specific key.

Most likely, Jandisoft will not release this project until 2021, but you can find all recent news on the official Mad World Discord channel, or register and verify account for future alpha tests on the official website.

Mad World Classes

The available weapons are divided into three types: close combat, long-range combat and magic. Each of the models has a two-handed and one-handed version available for your character. When you chose to use the one-handed weapon, the character will have an option to equip a shield. Still, it's unclear whether character development will be designed in form of classes, or chosen weapons will determine their abilities. At the moment, it's only known that the armour will be different in material and divided into metal, leather and fabric.

Mad World Skill Tree

As can be seen in the various videos, in addition to the primary weapons and armour, each player can choose to develop up to eight abilities, and they are based on a particular type of weapon. It's already possible to see how some of the skills look like, and most of them are not only good-looking but also quite useful in combat. In addition to active abilities in the game, there will be passive abilities tree, which most likely will be possible to develop separately.