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Magic Legends Review

By BwwDtt | 29 March 2020
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Magic: Legends is an action MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment Inc.

  • A fantasy world of Magic: The Gathering
  • Various planes of Multiverse
  • A myriad of spells
  • Immersive multiplayer gameplay

Magic: Legends Gameplay

The world of the game, Dominaria, is a multiverse which contains different planes for the players to explore, such as:
Shiv is a volcanic island inhabited by Ghitu tribes, ogres, goblins and dragons.
Benalia is a church-state city, where rolling plains meet dark swamps, and Benalish people fight with the Cabal fanatics and their demons.

In Magic: Legends, you will have to become one of the Planeswalkers, which are beings that found themselves under high stress or mortal danger, and that resulted in the ignition of their dormant Planeswalker Spark. This Spark gives them access to magical abilities, spells and allows them to travel around the Multiverse. You can choose to explore the game alone, and it is also possible to invite up to two friends to play together.

The developers of Magic: Legends took their inspiration from Magic: The Gathering, so they wanted to retain the authentic feel of their respective origins; however, players are not required to be familiar with it. In this game, you have two kinds of active powers at your hands, which are Spells and Class Abilities.

Cards, or Spells, is an integral combat mechanic of the game, which represent the abilities the players can use in a battle, such as summoning, buffing, conjuring and dealing damage. You need to build a unique set of twelve cards and use it, and once you are out in the field, you will start with four that you randomly get from the deck. After you activate any of those, you will draw the next card from your deck, and it will replace activated ability. Spells are generally more potent than Class Abilities.

Class Abilities, however, do not have a mana cost, and these powers are directly attached to a player’s current class and always available, but they have a cooldown timer.

You can use these two kinds of power in tandem to create your unique play style and explore the world of Dominaria, and it is always allowed to change selected cards for better ones.

Spell Shards is the material players use to upgrade the level and potency of their Spells, and you can obtain it as loot or as a quest reward. It is also possible to find cards or to craft them using various professions or vendors.

Magic: Legends feature different categories of items, such as crafting materials, consumables, quest items, cards and gear. You can find all of these in looting crates, chests, bosses, killed enemies, sold by merchants or given as a quest reward.

Factions are organizations and tribes that exist on the plane of Dominaria, which players can interact with and eventually join them for exclusive rewards and achieving common goals. Some of them will be hostile to you, and you can choose either to change it or to keep fighting.

Magic: Legends has many ways of playing it, and that is why it fits both casual and hardcore players. The massive community of the game consists of new players and fans of the Magic universe, and it is active and welcoming.

Magic Legends Classes

At the beginning of their journey players have to choose a class they will explore the world with, and there are a few archetypes available, such as:

  • Geomancer uses stone and lava melee attacks, advancing with goblins and earth elementals on her side.
  • Mind Mage
  • prefers psychic powers, telekinesis and spells, that put enemies to sleep or turn them against their allies.

  • Beastcaller embodies primal might and savagery, uses a massive axe for crushing blows and coordinates with an Aether Fox companion along with other summoned beasts.