Major update Brimstone & Mist arrived in Albion Online

Brimstone and Mist Update Albion Online October 2020

Sandbox Interactive has announced the installation of a significant update of Brimstone & Mist on Albion Online's MMORPG servers. New enemies, recipes, traps in Corrupted Dungeons and much more were added.

Significant innovations and patch changes:

  • New boss Demonic Harbinger in the Corrupted Dungeons and his minions, Heretics and Hellhounds, new traps in the Corrupted Dungeons. Three additional levels have appeared on hardcore expeditions.
  • Updated animations, effects and mechanics of monsters and creatures like the Demonic Warlock and Demon Lord.
  • Access to fishing in any area of the Avalon Way and three new fish dishes.
  • Fresh recipes for fried dishes from different ingredients such as chicken, goose and pork. Crafts and meat cutting have been improved.
  • The interface received modifications, and the mobile version of the game was optimised.

These were the main innovations and changes in the patch Brimstone & Mist. You can read more details about all of them on the official website.