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March of Empires Review

By BwwDtt | 06 October 2020
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March of Empires is a global military and political strategy in a medieval setting.

  • Three factions with unique abilities
  • Immersive casual-friendly gameplay
  • Player-driven system of factions
  • Brutal Battles for the Seats of Power

March of Empires Gameplay

In March of Empires, players have to choose one of three unique factions and go through the difficult path from a small village to an influential kingdom. Conquer the land and watch your empire grow and develop. Build a network of regional buildings that will profit you and your allies.

The army plays a vital role in March of Empires. Without it, you cannot achieve a thriving economy or influence on the geopolitical arena. The power of your army on the battlefield depends on how you train your troops. If you know the enemy's deployment, you can choose a counter tactic, and it's why March of Empire requires players to develop their strategic skills.

The playable leader plays an essential role in the development of the kingdom. With increasing levels, the leader receives skill points. Using these points, you can improve both the economic and military potential of the state. It is also possible to arm your hero with different ammunition which significantly increases the combat power of the army. The type of faction affects the appearance of units and buildings, as well as their unique skills. In March of Empire you can play for one of the three leaders:

Highland King — a hero reminiscent of medieval European knights; Highland King's subjects are very good at mining iron as well as building different structures. Their heavy infantry is unparalleled among other nations.

Desert Sultan — a representative of the Arab world; the Sultan state is famous for its technologies and the speed of the development, which allows exploring new technologies quicker than others. They are also specialists in stone mining.

Northern Czar — a brutal northern warrior who wisely rules the kingdom. Playing for the Tsar involves the active use of the cavalry. The armies of this faction train for 10% faster and extraction of wood is accelerated by 15%.

In March of Empires, players can join in alliances with a limit of no more than 100 participants. There is diplomacy system in the game. Alliance territories can be ranked from 1 to 7. Interaction with allies is done using a simple design that allows you to add other players to your friends and communicate with them. You can also join the temporary alliances. Helping your opponents can be as lucrative as war, so the whole political life of the kingdom depends solely on you. You can also fight with other players in the PvP multiplayer.

You can also fight for the Seats of Power. Conquer the five well-protected castles that hold the Seats of Power, the Throne of Heroes, the Throne of War, the Throne of Order and the Throne of Consent. Each Throne will bring unique bonuses to the Alliance under whose control it is, as well as the opportunity to change the policies of the medieval world. Everyone can fight for the Throne; all warring clans must cast their votes for the proposed ruler. Create strong diplomatic ties, negotiate with the enemy and other alliance knights, and bring as many allies to your side as possible in the battle for the Throne.