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Mars Tomorrow Review

By BwwDtt | 10 July 2020
Average: 8.5 (2 votes)

Mars Tomorrow is an economic strategy dedicated to the colonization of Mars and terraforming of the planet.

  • Well-balanced economics system
  • Gameplay based on resource management
  • Cooperative gameplay activities
  • Hardcore challenges for experienced players

Mars Tomorrow Gameplay

In Mars Tomorrow, you'll play as a brave pioneer of space, getting to Mars and exploring new technologies. The only home planet of the humankind, the Earth, fell into decline because of the environment changes. Humanity has plundered all existing resources, and the Earth has become a lifeless rock floating in space. Living conditions are continually decaying, and oxygen is rapidly mixing with toxic gases.

At the same time, the red planet Mars is opened for exploration. As a player, you have to inhabit this seemingly hostile planet and turn it into a homeland for all humans. The terraforming that will help you to grow the most sustainable economy and to solve the most critical challenges, and soon you will call this place your home.

The first step is to find essential resources such as oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and all other materials necessary for the craft. Develop your colony, fight the Martians and become the most excellent colonizer of the red planet.

The mechanics of the game are quite complicated: as an ordinary colonist, you will have to establish the full base with mining and resource-producing machines. To survive in this red hell, you will have to develop complex production chains, explore the terrain, develop a network of roads, repair equipment to eventually become the owner of the biggest colony of dozens and hundreds of strongholds.

The most immersive aspect of the game is the gradual transformation of red hell into a green paradise. As the technological level of your colony grows, you will be able to start transforming desert and rusty landscape into familiar lawns. The gameplay of Mars Tomorrow may seem a bit unfriendly to newcomers, but after a while, it will be easy to continue development. You'll spend most of your time in global mode, exploring the icons and data reports. This format is not suitable for everyone, but if you like resource management and strategies, then Mars Tomorrow is a perfect game to play, especially if you're playing with friends.

It's not easy to develop a base on the Red Planet. You need to explore the area, build residential and industrial buildings, establish resource extraction, lay roads and so on. You have to be ready for weeks of work, but the process will be so exciting that you won't notice how the time passes. Still, complicated doesn't mean boring: the Mars Tomorrow gameplay gives serious challenges. Even though there is no vivid pictures and modern graphics, you'll get all information from the data screens.

Expansion is the key to success. Your base will gradually turn into a large complex, which requires tons of resources. Sooner or later, you will expand the borders and conquer new territories. You will have to equip expeditions far beyond the boundaries of your possessions to explore the surrounding area, conduct research and take the loot with you.

Don't forget that thousands of other colonists are exploring Mars with you! You will have to face competitors, and only diplomatic talent will determine the outcome of such clashes; you can disperse amicably and even become allies, or engage in an economic war.