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Mighty Party Review

By BwwDtt | 14 September 2020
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Mighty Party is a free-to-play strategy game developed and published by Panoramik Inc.

  • Turn-based Battle System
  • Infinite Squad Combinations
  • Flexible Hero Progression System
  • Immersive PvP Battles

Mighty Party Gameplay

Mighty Party is a game that allows the players to form a set of unique heroes to battle others, and the players can access it through multiple platforms, such as Steam, iOS, Android and Kongregate. You can interact with the players via crossplay, and each one provides an additional set of configurations to improve the overall user experience even further. The game allows the players to invite their friends to acquire extra free rewards to enhance the characters and their attributes, and they can form groups, guilds and clans to communicate and participate in various in-game activities together.

The basics of combat in Mighty Party consist of a turn-based combat system and various battlefields that consist of twenty-four tiles, which allow the characters to move and perform specific actions to overpower their opponents. The primary goal of each battle is to reduce the health points of the enemy to zero, and some of the attacks are automatic. The players can obtain the characters through a built-in loot box system, and you can purchase them using the in-game currency or by investing real money into your account. The game also features the premium currency, which you can use to buy high-quality boxes and other improvements.

Mighty Party provides the players with a unique progression system, and they can create countless squads of multiple characters to participate in different activities. The heroes have numerous abilities, and you can combine them with others for an additional effect. Each battle provides the units with experience points, and they can level up to increase their attributes and the power of their abilities. However, there is a level cap, and to improve the heroes even further the players have to find an extra copy of the unit through the loot box system. You can customize your commander by unlocking unique abilities, which you can use only once per battle, and such skills have a massive impact on the fight.

The battles in Mighty Party are fast-paced, and the players can place their characters before the beginning of each fight to increase their odds of winning. Every game, there is a chance to find additional objects on the battlefield, which can be used to block damage or have other unique effects. That way, you may have an advantage over a more powerful opponent, and experienced players can calculate the outcome of each situation considering such factors. The game includes a competitive player-versus-player mode, and you can queue up to face the opponents with a similar level and rating to climb the leaderboard and unlock the access to better items and resources.

Mighty Party provides the players with various player-versus-environment activities, and you can combine your squads with your friends to face powerful computer-controlled enemies to progress through multiple questlines and challenges. That way, the players can acquire more experience points, rewards and the in-game currency to improve their squads even further. This game offers plenty of activities which require different skills, and it makes the game suitable for all players. You can use real-money to catch up with the best players and climb the ranked ladder faster. The most hardworking players can customize and improve their units to create a unique, unbeatable squad for any available in-game activity.

Mighty Party System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: DirectX Version 9.0
  • CPU: Integrated Graphics
  • File Size: 450 MB available space
  • OS: Windows 7