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Minions Review

By BwwDtt | 20 November 2019
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Minions — an online game for Adobe Flash, made in 2008 by enthusiasts from Casual Collective — David Scott and Paul Preece. This game is free-to-play, but its full functionality opens only after buying a Bonus Pack.

  • No gold accumulation system: the only resource is experience.
  • Advanced class system from damage dealer to healer.
  • Variative choice of sizes of both teams.
  • A system of tier ranks that allows players to use bonuses from developers

Minions Gameplay

Two to twelve people can participate in the game. Players will need to control the minions - machines remotely resembling tanks. The selected character guides with the mouse. In total, there are eight types of minions to choose from (six without Minions Bonus Pack), and each of them has its skills and characteristics.

Players are given 30 seconds to choose a minion. After the pick stage, the game begins. The task of the teams is to destroy the enemy base. Each of is located at opposite ends of the map. Over time, the controlled machine receives experience points that the player can spend on improving abilities and weapons as soon as he reaches a new level. All minions have three skills to develop. Also, periodically, mini-minions appear on the map, killing which, players gain a lot of experience.

Towards the enemy base is towers guarding the path to the main building. To break into the enemy base, players first need to destroy the towers jointly. Hitting or destroying the tower also gives a lot of experience. After the end of the game, everyone is awarded rank points depending on the victory dealt damage to enemy minions, mini-minions and buildings.

  • 1 point for every 10 experience
  • 20 points for every kill
  • 10 point for every 20% damage to a tower
  • 100 points for being on the winning team

When Minion dies, it becomes a ghost. Ghosts can move around and can be seen by everyone. They cannot shoot or scout.

Minions Game Modes

There are three game modes to choose from:

  • Normal — players select the Minion they like, and then the game starts.
  • Mirror — all players on the same team get the same random Minion.
  • Random — each player receives a random Minion.

Besides, a player can select the type of game: Normal or Fast. In Normal mode, all towers have a lot of health, but in Fast — less. Also, in fast mode, players gain experience faster, which allows them to finish the game earlier.

Minions Bouns Pack

Minions is the first game on CC to have a game upgrade; the Minions Bonus Pack. Players can purchase this upgrade for 225 CC's (2.25$). The upgrade allows players to:

  • Play the Dash and Cutter Minions.
  • Set the Connection Speed of the games they host to Pro, improving the game's responsiveness.
  • Create games with 12 and 2 players instead of the normal 10.

By paying 100 CC's ($1), a player can get the status of a gold member and create private games only for invited users.