MMORPG Bless Mobile was released on the global market

Bless Mobile Fantasy MMORPG Global Market Release

The mobile fantasy MMORPG Bless Mobile is now available on the global market almost a year after its release in South Korea. You can download the client for free on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

According to the developers of this fantasy MMORPG, this game is very different from Bless's PC version. In this video game, you will find a completely new storyline, unique content and a new combat system. Bless Mobile offers a choice of four races and five classes, a dynamic combat system in Hack'n'Slash style, excellent graphics, guild content and different activities for PvP and PvE. There is also a peaceful content, like fishing and gathering. The project was developed on the Unreal Engine 4, which allowed it to use advanced technologies.

In addition to Bless Mobile, the developer works on another mobile project called Bless Eternal. Also, fantasy MMORPG for PC Bless Unleashed is planned to launch on PC this year.