MMORPG Fractured received an update with new world bosses

Fractured Alpha Testing Stage PvE Content 2020

Dynamight Studios released an update for fantasy MMORPG Fractured, which adds 9 of the first world bosses. These enemies are called legends, and they can appear in different places on the map, as well as at specific spawn points.

There can be no more than five legends in the world at a time. After killing one of them, a new one will appear in 10 minutes, and an announcement will appear on the server. Also, the icon on the map will be updated. Among other things, each boss has a rating of complexity: light, medium and complex, which determines the quality of loot and "knowledge".

Moreover, the update added new features such as the destruction of unclaimed cities, corrected many of the known bugs, added new visual effects and much more. Now Fractured is in the closed alpha stage, which will last until December 5th. To participate in testing, you need to buy a special kit on the official website.