MMORPG Temtem launched in early access on PlayStation 5

Temtem PS5 PlayStation 5 Early Access Launch December 8 2020

Indie MMORPG Temtem inspired by the popular Pokémon series, was released in the early access stage on PlayStation 5. In this project, players will have to collect creatures called tems, complete quests and participate in PvP battles. There are the Standard and Deluxe Editions of the game with different cosmetic features; after the official release, the price of both versions will increase.

At the moment, Temtem offers 30 hours of storyline campaign, 100 temtems, homeownership system, ranked matchmaking, weekly challenges and plenty of other exciting aspects. The future updates will add to the game more than sixty different temtems, auction, clan PvP-mode Club Wars, hardcore mode Nuzlocke, mythical temtems and in-game tournaments. More details about the PS5 version can be found in our previous game news.

Temtem Temtems
There are dozens of unique creatures in Temtem: you can receive them by completing different challenges, participating in the events, or exploring the world of the game.

In our previous article about Temtem, we mentioned that the game would be launched on the new generation console in 4K resolution and with a frame rate of 60 FPS. The developers are planning to implement a performance mode that will provide 120 FPS at a lower resolution, but only after the end of the early access period. Temtem was released on PC back in early 2020. The game supports cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS5.