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Monster Hunter: Rise Review

By BwwDtt | 14 December 2020
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Monster Hunter Rise is a a new action role-playing game in the Monster Hunter series, developed and released by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch.

  • New Unique Beasts-companions
  • 14 Different types of Weapons
  • Special Tool Wirebag for Exlporation of the World
  • Big Open World filled with various Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise is a dynamic third-person role-playing adventure in the fantasy universe of Monster Hunter. The plot of the game is set 50 years after the great disaster. The hunters will face a new and terrifying monster that is once again ready to plunge everything around them into chaos. As you progress, you will have to fight fantastic monsters and create armour and weapons from trophies.

Monster Hunter Rise is a game in the Monster Hunter series for the portable Nintendo Switch, based on the RE Engine. Players will have to start a journey in the world full of dangerous monsters, with a new companion to the series—a dog-like creature Palamute that also serves as a vehicle. Players must explore the world, hunt monsters, and improve their equipment for upcoming battles.

Monster Hunter Rise was in the development stage for four years, and the depth of the design utilisation is impressive. Every kind of monster, its model and animation is carefully and repeatedly approved at different levels, achieving a stunning effect — the communication of a particular beast to the ecosystem and its environment.

One of the innovations Monster Hunter Rise will use Wirebug; with its help hunters can move at high speed, climb walls, rocks and reach inaccessible places. There will also be 14 types of weapons, and each will have a special attack associated with Wirebug, which will be the key to defeating some of the monsters. Locations in the Rise will be very open compared to previous parts, and the character will be able to grab and climb on almost any surface.

The new palamute dogs in Monster Hunter Rise will become full companions of the protagonist on a par with palico cats. In single-player mode, you will be allowed to take two of these companions, and only one in multiplayer mode. Palamutes can be used as a means of transportation and for combo attacks. Also, riding on the dogs can perform various actions (e.g., to restore health).

Quests in Monster Hunter Rise will again be divided into single-player ("village") and multiplayer ("guild") - as in the previous parts of the series (the game will return to the quests that can only be completed alone). Splash screens will no longer interfere the joining multiplayer, and any splash screen can now be skipped. Also, players will now be able to get to any point on the map, "borders" are now only around the perimeter of the map. The developers have confirmed that there will be a pause button for offline quests. Monster Hunter: World and Iceborne do not allow for any pauses, whether you are playing a single-player quest or online. Capcom has also confirmed that player selection in the Rise will be similar to Monster Hunter: World and its Iceborne expansion. Players from all over the world will be able to join squads regardless of their location.