Moonlight Online Mobile received the final CBT trailer

Moonlight Blade Mobile Upcoming Fantasy MMORPG Trailer Screenshot

Developers of Moonlight Blade Mobile have prepared a trailer for players for the final closed beta test, which will be held on August 31. The mobile version of the project is made on the engine of the original game. The CBT trailer fully shows the graphic features of the new MMORPG. The game trailer shows an abundance of special effects, smooth animations, flights, a large central city with a lot of NPCs, and much more.

Moonlight Blade Mobile is a mobile game in the fantasy MMORPG genre, created in the original universe of Moonlight Blade by studio Aurora workshop and published by Tencent. This game will provide players with plenty of role-playing systems and other functions of the computer version. While the project is only available in China, the mobile version has the same features as the original game: a large, seamless, fantasy open world in the East Asian setting, factional battles, NPC interaction system in terms of relationships and many other features. Other significant features of the game are non-target combat system and the original story.