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Mortal Online 2 Review

By BwwDtt | 19 May 2020
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Mortal Online 2 is a long-awaited sequel of the famous hardcore open-world sandbox game developed by Star Vault.

  • Flexible system of the skill development
  • Sophisticated craft system
  • Deep character customization
  • First-person combat system

Mortal Online 2 Gameplay

Mortal Online 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the multi-year first-person sandbox Star Vault MMORPG. Players are allowed to explore the vast open world of new territories and States, choose their unique path and find new activities. But in the PvP universe, the danger is waiting for you at every step and lurks around every corner. This game is not like other MMOs because other players can attack you at any time, kill you and plunder everything you have. It turns every encounter and every fight with another player into a dangerous event that can lead to significant losses. One of the main tasks for victory is to create a high-quality, powerful Guild and have strong allies.

Almost all equipment in Mortal Online 2 is created independently and then sold to other players. This kind of crafting system puts all responsibility in the hands of the Crafter, who can come up with unique weapons and items, creating a mind-blowing number of possible devices. The artisans can be known all over the world for their secret and powerful equipment. You won't be able to buy a sword from a merchant-NPC. This crafting system offers a wide variety of combinations that will allow you to make a secret recipe for a great item.

As for the actual battles, Mortal Online 2 has a combat system based on the first-person action. There is no tab targeting or automatic attacks. In Mortal Online 2, you must remember that your skill matters more than equipment. Any experienced and reliable player often wins the player with the best equipment. Therefore, it is worth paying more attention to pumping the skills of a fighter, not a craftsman. All combat actions in Mortal Online 2 work this way, regardless of the weapon you choose: a bow, a sword or use your mind to cast powerful spells.

The new game Mortal Online 2 has another advantage - a massive list of more than 600 skills to learn, which allows everyone to find hobbies and interests. You need to use skills in the game regularly to learn and improve in the right way. Players can spend points on any skills they want to learn, creating a sophisticated web of possible combinations. As a result, the player gets their character with unique skills and abilities.

At first, all actions in the Mortal Online 2 take place in the Great world of Nave. The first continent is called Myrland, where players will start their journey. This continent is a boiling cauldron with a variety of biomes, ranging from cold snow-capped mountains to open sand fields. Myrland is so vast and filled with incredible resources that the player will spend time exploring all the dangerous dungeons and caves with pleasure. It is worth noting that everything is rendered with incredible detail using Unreal Engine 4.

The game will be exciting for those who like full freedom of action, open worlds, variety for crafting and a large selection of skills and peculiarity. However, the game has an age limit. There is also a warning about violence, blood and complete nudity.