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Mushroom Wars 2 Review

By BwwDtt | 21 July 2020
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Mushroom Wars 2 is a real-time strategy that combines tactical elements of the tower defence genre with the unique mechanics of MOBA.

  • Wide variety of playable heroes
  • Vivid stylized graphics
  • Simple and immersive gameplay
  • Huge community

Mushroom Wars 2 Gameplay

Mushroom Wars 2 has two main game modes: the first one is a battle against bots with customizable difficulty, which includes four main episodes with a vast set of locations and different enemies. The second one is the battlefields, where real players will fight against each other. The best way to immerse into the game is to complete the story campaign, and then start the multiplayer battles.

At the beginning of the round, each player has a tree with a certain number of characters. Your task is to push the enemy from the base and then destroy their units. At the very beginning of the round, you have to send your wards to capture free trees, then produce new warriors and fight the enemy. Gradually you will get used to the gameplay, open new strategies and mechanics, get new heroes and so on.

You can go through a single campaign as many times as you like. You won't lose anything, but you'll get colossal experience and knowledge that can come in handy in battles with real players. It's wise to complete the full story mode before you go to the multiplayer because every mistake can cost you precious points, coins and chests.

Mushroom Wars 2 Buildings

The main goal of the game is to capture all the enemy buildings. On each location, you will see several types of buildings which locate your units. They can either be inside or move between buildings. If you place your wards to a neutral area, they will begin to fill it gradually. If you move your units to an enemy building, your troops will attack it immediately, and if you have more units than the enemy, the building will be under your control. For the victory in battles, you will be awarded skill points, gold and chests in which you can find new characters, soul crystals and useful improvements.

Mushroom Wars 2 Heroes

Rudo — a massive armoured warrior of medium gameplay difficulty.
Ayner — commander of the mushroom pyrokinetic. This hero is only suitable for the attacks.
Kenor — an artillery veteran who relies on advanced weapons technology. Resistance to enemy attacks makes it easy to play.
Wilford — a builder and engineer who can repair buildings and support allies.
Marty-o — a telekinetic and hypnotist, well suited for beginners.
Cree — a mighty spell-caster of medium gameplay difficulty.
Zik — the lord of time and lightning.
Pix-o — master of square attacks and teammates support.
Stella — an invincible queen who knows how to turn enemy soldiers into allies.
Trini — a natural magician who can communicate with bees and use them in battle.
Dora — a mighty lord of the powers of the earth, who is strong not only physically but also spiritually.
Chia — a strong shaman who can prevent the enemy from achieving their goals using AoE attacks.
Pahom — the omnipresent lord of the dead, capable of defeating any mortal.
Ankh — the master of the souls who plays the best combination with Pahom.
Klotz — a mysterious wizard who uses dark magic to fuel his powers.
Mouro — a dark necromancer and a bloody occultist who draws his strength from his defeated enemies.

Mushroom Wars 2 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Works fine on integrated laptop graphics like Intel HD 3000
  • CPU: Dual core processor
  • File Size: 2 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 7 or later

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory:
  • Graphics Card:
  • CPU:
  • File Size:
  • OS: