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Music Wars Review

By BwwDtt | 13 January 2020
Average: 8.7 (3 votes)

Music Wars is a browser MMORPG which is developing very quickly and remains its top place for a long time.

  • Unusual game mechanics
  • Pretty visual style
  • Sophisticated pet system
  • Large and friendly community

Music Wars Gameplay

Music wars is a new browser game, developed by the Destiny Development specifically for music lovers. It combines many activities aimed at social communication with the immersive turn-based combat system and unusual setting, which makes this project unique.

Before you enter the game, you will have to create an account on the official website of the Music Wars or go through a quick registration if you play on third-party services. After that, you will be able to create your character. First, you need to decide on one of the four groups: the melomaniacs, the rockers, the urbans, and the clubbers. Your choice will define the visual representation of your hero and your style of the gameplay. The aspects of character development are similar to other MMORPGs. Your hero has several basic stats, which can be developed during the game. Among them are: strength which increases damage in combat; agility that increases the chances of dodging and a critical strike; talent which adds the inspiration points used for skills in battle, and health that defines the amount of HP points of your character.

The gameplay of Music Wars is straightforward and accessible even for most casual players. You can communicate in the game chat; it's one of the most exciting entertainments because the players there are very active and friendly. They can always help with advice or chat about interesting things. The battles in this project are automatic so that you do not need to use skills yourself. The stats of your character developing during the fighting. Your level will continually rise if you will choose to complete the story quests, because the plot of the game is long, with many side tasks and complicated tasks. Even though, at the moment, nobody succeeded to get the maximum level of the character.

When you create a character in Music wars, you choose only one skill. After you increase the level during the gameplay, you can select from almost all of the thirty-seven skills which are added to the game. It's quite challenging to develop all the skills because of the training system that takes a lot of time to receive a new rank. At the same time, the system of pets is quite simple, but it influences the gameplay dramatically. At the initial stage, there are only four pets to choose. You can obtain a sheep, a bull terrier, a spider, and a death. During the game, this list will expand. Pets help the player in combat - they can cause damage, have their skills, and tank the incoming damage to protect the playable character.

A new graphics engine provides both excellent graphics and an ability to use with slow PCs. The graphics in the game is cartoonish; the characters are designed by experienced designers and drawn by skilled artists.