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My Soul Review

By BwwDtt | 03 April 2020
Average: 9.3 (8 votes)

My Soul is a browser fighting MMOARPG with the sophisticated combat system and numerous game modes.

  • Huge variety of game modes
  • System of mercenaries and battle pets
  • Many social-based features
  • Auto-battle function

My Soul Gameplay

My Soul is a browser MMOARPG based on fighting game series Soulcalibur. MS uses the heroes, locations and lore of this game. During the character creation, you can choose one of the four famous characters — Isabella Ivy Valentine, Tira, Siegfried or Nightmare. The gameplay of this project mainly copies classical hack-and-slash mechanics. In essence, you will have to involve in dynamic battles with hordes of enemies and control the skills of your hero or let the squad explore the world alone with Auto Battle function.

One of the essential features of My Soul is a mercenary system, which provides an opportunity to hire heroes or heroines with unique skills and appearance. As well as the playable character, AI-controlled mercenaries can develop their abilities, talents, and aura. Moreover, their outfits change on more nice-looking with every level-up. Also, you can buy the mount to increase the movement speed and several additional bonuses.

Before you start the battle, you will have to gather up a team: you can use heroes as teammates or invite other players to join the adventure. The game provides you with dozens multiplayer PvE and PvP modes: dungeons, arenas, races, and world bosses. Some of them are accessible only for teams, while high-level solo players can quickly complete others. For example, Clan Boss instance can be entered only by a group of clan members; at the same time, World Boss dungeons have no restrictions to enter except for level.

The gameplay of My Soul is entirely automatic by default, and it made a colossal impact on the PvP experience. You can leave your hero on the Arena and let it fight in auto mode, where all skills and strategies are used as effectively as possible. Still, this system has not only benefits but also several disadvantages: for instance, your character will be involved in all battles indiscriminately. It means that every combat will be lost if your opponent has better stats than yours. Since every defeat causes a decline of your military rank, it might be wise to control the development manually.

If you want to explore the full multiplayer experience provided by My Soul, you will have to use the social features. First of all, you can use the Friend list to add allies and block the foes. This list also has several useful functions; for example, it allows you to invite friends into the squad or chat with them privately. Second, MS encourages players to form clans: this system has various luxurious benefits for users, such as unique dungeons, stat bonuses, private group chat, and moreover. Finally, the game has one purely social feature, the marriage. After the wedding, partners receive not only specific status but also a set of stat benefits and unique quests.

In additional to all vital gameplay mechanics, My Soul has many decorative elements. The appearance of your character, heroes and pets are fully customizable. You can change the look of your pet with Transformation Shards, buy or craft the gorgeous fashions, and create the equipment which changes the basic stats. One of the unique features of this game is the cape system: the higher your level and gameplay skill, the more sophisticated capes you will be able to afford. Still, the most unusual items are accessible only in the cash shop for real money.