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My Sunny Resort Review

By BwwDtt | 13 January 2020
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My Sunny Resort is a browser-based MMO in the genre of management simulator with the elements of strategy game.

  • Fascinating development system
  • Lovely visual style
  • A large variety of game locations
  • A vast number of buildings and decorative structures

My Sunny Resort Gameplay

In My Sunny Resort, the player will try the role of resort manager. The main goal of the game is to develop a profitable hotel. The player's primary goal is to understand how to improve the hotels, which types of entertainment are best for new tourists, and other aspects which is extremely necessary for newcomers on the way to the desired profits.

My Sunny Resort is not very demanding when it comes to hardware. It also doesn't require many efforts when it comes to achieving the central goal, so the level of difficulty is not too high. The gameplay begins with the first construction of the hotel, required by the tutorial quests. The first building won't be the most beautiful and expensive, but it's perfect for guests who are not looking for the luxurious rest. A nice assistant girl will help you to complete the beginning quests; she also will follow you until all of the fundamental aspects are explained.

My Sunny Resort is divided into several levels. You have to unlock the next one to open the opportunity of buying additional equipment to increase comfort and cosiness. The entire list of innovations is quite extensive: you will get the new furniture, all sorts of visual enhancements, and new popular entertainments for the tourists. After the initial levels at a beach resort, you will unlock new territories while you progress. Among them are picturesque snowy ski resort and exotic safari for the most advanced players.

If all the requirements of guests are satisfied, players get a unique in-game currency as a reward, as well as an increased probability of guests that will come back after time. My Sunny Resort also has a premium currency called shells; it helps to accelerate the pace of the construction works, and open an opportunity to buy exclusive bonuses. Although shells simplify the process and speed of development, they do not positively affect the economic balance of the game, so it might be more interesting to play spending real money only on cosmetic items.

My Sunny Resort is an excellent example of how an ordinary economic MMO project can turn into a truly addictive and exciting game with a user-friendly interface, a simple development system, and a well-developed training system.