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Mythborne Review

By BwwDtt | 25 November 2019
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Mythborne is a point-and-click fantasy browser-based MMORPG in the setting of Ancient Greece, developed by R2Games.

  • Immersive turn-based PvE battles
  • Dozens of various companions
  • Social-based game
  • Lots of automatic functions

Mythborne Gameplay

Mythborne is a fantasy browser MMORPG in an antique setting, with the turn-based combat system and immersive battle mechanics. It has deep skill customization, lots of abilities both for the character and the companions. The game also provides lots of various mounts, pets and supporters.

After the character creation, you will play the chain of simple tutorial quests. It is necessary to immerse the players in the story and atmosphere of the game. The setting of Mythborne is inspired by myths of Ancient Greece so that you can meet and fight on the one side with famous gods and mysterious creatures.

The Mythborne has dozens of features and lots of game activities. You can participate in battles, spend time with other players and take your role in social life, or grow various plants on your farm.

In the Taverns, you can hire heroes. They're the main supporters of the hero since the very beginning. Their stats can be increased using relics.

You can also obtain mounts and pyxies in Mythborne. Their levels also could be increased and upgraded by training or boosts. Mounts increase the speed of your hero and provide stat bonuses.

Battle System

All battles, both PvE and PvP, are turn-based. It means that you have to wait until your turn to use your abilities. The game also provides an auto-battle feature, that allows you to let your character choose the skills without your control. In PvE mode, you can visit various dungeons, solo or with other players. It might be more efficient to gather up a full team because the game provides exclusive group bonuses. You can also participate in various tournaments or competitions, such as Champion Clash, War Gods, the Abyss and moreover. Numerous challenges, such as daily quests and group raids, also influences on the XP and the pace of levelling of your character. The game is exciting not only for PvE fans: Mythborne has many PvP activities, such as colossal Cross-Server battle, duels and Guild Wars.

For the strongest heroes, there is an opportunity to participate in a fight with the World Boss. It's the daily event, available only for the high-level players. The dungeon is open only for solo players, but the other heroes can help you in a fight.

For those who are tired from fights with enemies, the Mythborne has some social-based activities. For example, a significant part of the game is marriage and related skills. You can also visit the weddings of other players to get exclusive gifts and EXP bonuses. Also, the game has a lovely small farm, where you can grow useful plants with different bonuses to your stats.

Mythborne Classes

The Mythborne character could have one of the five classes:

  • Duelist — The perfect duel-aimed heroes with a high rate of physical damage.
  • Oracle — The class of talented supporters with magic abilities. They have low HP and damage but knows lots of useful healing skills.
  • Hunter — A ranged damage-dealer class. Hunters prefer bows and traps to fight with the enemies. This class is the most agile and fast.
  • Mage — The class of the adepts of the elemental magic and arcana arts. They know lots of useful magic spells.
  • Paladin — An armoured tank class. It has high HP rank, severe physical damage lots of offensive skills at the same time.