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Naruto Online Review

By BwwDtt | 28 February 2020
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Naruto Online is a browser-based MMORPG game, developed by Bandai Namco and Oasis Games.

  • Famous characters from Naruto series
  • Original exciting storyline
  • Over 500 servers worldwide
  • Real-time action combat

Naruto Online Gameplay

The events of the game are divided into stages and depend on the preferences of the player. You can visit almost every spot presented in the original Naruto series. The locations are filled with various mobs, which are not only attached to quests but also wander around the map and make the world look alive. You can fight with them to grind valuable weapons and EXP whenever you wish. Although, fans of the original series most likely will enjoy the central campaign mode, which provides the unique experience of immersion into Naruto journey.

Since Naruto Online is an RPG game, you can customize your character's attacks, techniques and appearance. After character selection, you will be transferred to the Naruto world, accompanied by beloved main heroes of the anime. Your trip will start at the Konoha village, where you can accept the missions and interact with other players. All quests require a specific amount of energy to be completed; if you run out of it, you can enjoy planting trees or engaging with other Konoha visitors.

The main goal of Naruto Online is to build a mighty shinobi team; you can recruit up to eight warriors. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the assigned missions because it helps to collect ninjas and create the dream-team of skilled warriors. Mercenaries in this game are extremely helpful, highly trained ninjas, which develop with your character. They also have the same abilities as in the show.

The battles with other players require strategic thinking, but they're pretty straightforward. It is possible to duel any player you meet on the server. Your success will depend on the combination of skills, team members' strength and character arrangement. To evolve or refine your warriors or equipment, use coins in the tab menu. The better you perform, the more the chances of topping the ranking lists are.

Astonishing sound effects and anime graphics will undoubtedly bring your imagination to Naruto's reality. The game is very action-packed - each level adds new features for the player. As your level increases, you will gain more EXP and will be able to team up with favourite heroes such as Sasuke. More challenging fights will be available at level 60, where you will be introduced to The Great Ninja War. At level 16, you may join a guild and move up the ranks, or create your own. The rewards you will receive from guilds will be either coupons or cash.

This MMO has various time-limited events; they never repeat and have exclusive rewards. Some free bonuses can be achieved by reaching new levels or spinning a lottery wheel every 24-hours. Still, the best gear, food and other items can be bought with a VIP membership, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Naruto Online is one of the best games of the genre because it gives freedom of character development. It is less automated compared to the majority of other anime-based games, and you are not limited by plot; you can even initiate the missions on your own.

Naruto Online Classes

There are five classes with different gameplay styles. You can change your rank every 24 hours.

  • Midnight Blade — this lightning-type class is the primary damage dealer; it has a high DPS rate; it's excellent for solo gameplay. His battle style is Lightning Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu.
  • Azure Fang — this character is best for the teamplay as it can poison the enemies and heal your party members. Her battle style is based on water ninjutsu.
  • Scarlet Blaze — this fire-type ninja can be used for crowd control or AOE damage. She can find the opponent's weakness and increase her power. Her battle style is Fire Phoenix Fire Jutsu, Fire Dragon Flame Jutsu and Sealing Jutsu Seal of Red Lotus.
  • Breeze Dancer — this wind-type warrior is great for PvE as she can attack multiple mobs at a time. She can use the wind to blind the enemies and her charm to gain extra bonuses from male opponents. Her battle style is Rasen barrage and Wind ninjutsu.
  • Crimson Fist: — the earth character, which specializes in close-quarters combos and survivability. His defence provides an excellent boost for the team; he also can be supportive of the lineup. His battle style is Earth style ninjutsu & taijutsu.