Neverwinter will receive a temporary campaign "The Redeemed Citadel"

Neverwinter The Redeemed Citadel Update Art

At the end of July, D&D MMORPG Neverwinter received a major content update "Avernus", which sent the brave adventurers in search of a sword of a fallen angel. However, this is not the end of the adventures in the lands of the Ninth Hell: within weeks the developers will release a patch with a new time-limited campaign "The Redeemed Citadel".

In this campaign, players will have to complete the four stages to restore the Bleeding Citadel. The progress of each stage is shared with the entire server and depends on the performance of specific actions. The participation of each hero will also be taken into account so that active participants can earn different rewards.

During the event, players will receive access to a new premium race aasimar, which representatives look like humans with glowing eyes and vivid skin tones. The full announcement of the update can be found on the official website of Neverwinter.