New character Mirae in Closers starts the game with level 67

Closers Transfer to 64-bit Client & Mirae Reaper Release

Action RPG Closers received an update which added a new playable character named Mirae. When you play as this hero, she begins the game with level 67. At the moment, it's possible to develop her to the maximum level of 83. After the creation and development of this character, you will receive various awards from the special event, which will last until December 17th.

Also, the game received a new zone "Ancient Dragon Historic Site", available for characters of level 80 and above. The previous zones were removed due to the reorganization of the Dimensional Ops Center. The developers also added new towns, dungeons, bosses, quests, achievements and items.

In addition to other features, the patch made improvements in pet system, and the game was transferred to a 64-bit client. The full list of changes is available on the official website.