New combat trailer of the Godfall

Godfall Combat System Teaser Trailer

Gearbox Publishing shared a new gameplay trailer of the upcoming action game Godfall, highlighting the combat system. The video shows the battles with the enemies using different weapons. The main character can block the damage with a shield, throw it from a distance, throw the spear at the enemy, use the hammer attacks and other skills.

Godfall is Action/RPG with a third-person view and fantasy setting designed by Counterplay Games. The main goal of this looter slasher is to destroy monsters and collect different equipment and weapons from them. The game offers single-player and cooperative modes, supporting up to three players. Godfall will be released by the end of 2020 on PC and PlayStation 5; you can pre-order it in Epic Games Store and PlayStation Store. The pre-ordered editions will feature unique items such as Chrome Armor, Long Sword Zer0 from Borderlands and other exclusive cosmetic items.