New gameplay trailer of isometric MMORPG Corepunk

Corepunk screenshot art gameplay

Artificial Core has published a new gameplay video for the first time in a long time. The trailer shows 15 minutes of alpha-build gameplay of the upcoming MMORPG Corepunk. The video was presented at the last online presentation of Summer of Gaming held by IGN portal.

Corepunk is an open-world isometric MMORPG developed on the Unity engine.The game is set in an original universe where four entirely separate settings blend: cyberpunk, dark fantasy, steampunk and science fiction. This unusual mix creates diverse environments that can be explored and offer a lot of unique sights. In the video, we can see the exploration of this world in a group, a developed dialogue system, resource extraction, management of objects and battles with monsters.

On the official Corepunk website, you can still apply for a closed beta test, but the actual date of its launch is still unknown.