New hero Kael appeared in the Korean version of Vindictus

Vindictus Kael 17th class Gameplay Trailer Screenshot

South Korean version of Vindictus got a new character named Kael. His appearance was announced on June 25, and there was no further information about the hero since that time. According to the information provided by developers, Kael is a hero of close combat who almost don't use magic skills. He has powerful attacks but low speed and agility.

Kael is a close melee combat hero who uses a two-handed sword, and it's the first male character for a long time. Earlier, Vindictus received another close-combat hero, a powerful woman called Lethor. You can find the previous news with cinematics of the new hero here.

Below you can find the gameplay footage of the 17th character:

Vindictus is a Korean action-combat MMORPG in a fantasy setting, which has plenty of different playable characters, deep storyline, and dynamic hack-and-slash combat system.