New information about Corepunk MMORPG

Corepunk MMORPG Gameplay Screenshot

On July 12th, YouTube channel mORINGAN has released an interview with the developers of Corepunk MMORPG. In this video, the creators answer to various questions which contain information about the guild system, achievements, cosmetics and other features.

Cosmetic items will not have different levels of rarity; the complexity of their extraction determines the value of the material. The creation of legendary weapons requires rare resources, which are challenging to extract. Finally, there will be no restrictions on the number of craft.

As for the social features, the players will be able to use several functions. For example, the game will have a blacklist. It's also planned to add the ability to change the nickname of the already created characters. However, there is no feature like that at the moment.

In dungeons and raids, the reward between participants will be shared. All of these locations will have both complex and simple mechanics with puzzles. It will be possible to resurrect dead allies, but this will require a specific resource.

Guilds can be developed, and it has ten levels at the moment. Pumped guilds will have bonuses, which will be announced later.

Mounts will increase only the speed of movement. Still, developers do not exclude addition to add them active and passive skills in the future. They are also not tied to any class. Most likely, in the future, several classes will have exclusive mounts and appearance to emphasize their individuality.

The game will have achievements like World of Warcraft. Most likely, they will add awards for complex and interesting challenges.

In-game mail will allow players to send currency and items. There will also be a function to send the delivery of items for cash.