New information about the monetization of Magic: Legends

Magic Legends Magic the Gathering MMORPG

The developers of multiplayer Action MMORPG Magic: Legends have published an article where they shared the information about the monetization system. The game will be distributed for free, and all additional content will be provided for free. According to the team, their goal is to allow players to develop their characters for free.

Like many other games, Magic: Legends will have a cash shop which provides various items for purchase. The in-game shop will give players alternative options for creation of builds and decks; however, it won't give an advantage in combat. You will also be able to exchange the in-game money for premium currency, which opens more options for character development.

Magic: Legends will receive a classic card system of Magic: The Gathering that allows you to create decks for different situations. Boosters contain specific items that you can use to open and improve spells; they also provide unique artefacts, spells and other things.

Also, players will be able to buy enchanced battle passes, slots for builds and decks, obtain accelerators and other items for faster progress. The developers of the MtG MMORPG will also add regular events with free rewards available for all players.