New mode "Order of War" will be added in World of Tanks

World of Tanks Order of War Game Mode

Strategy MMO World Of Tanks will soon get a new event with a new experimental game mode, which will be tested on Sandbox servers from 21 to 28th January. Everyone can apply for the CBT of the upcoming update through the official website.

The event is called "Order of War" and will offer team battles on X level machines. Users will be divided into two teams: the seven real players-tankers and one Strategist.

For the tankers, the main task on the battlefield is the defence of the base or survival. The same Strategist must destroy all of the enemy equipment, or capture the desired point. Battles last no more than 15 minutes. Regardless of whether you win or lose, the team receives a new in-game currency Report. Winning brings more resources than losing; also, the reward depends on the combat experience gained.

World of Tanks Order of War Game Mode

The latter acts in battle alone, and he is given control of a squad of seven tanks under the control of the AI. Also, a variant of the game for the Strategist is significantly different: he prepared a top view, just as in strategies, and have to give commands with the mouse. Before choosing the side of the Strategist, it is necessary to earn a certain number of reports, playing for the Tankers. It is a special in-game currency, which is issued for participation in battles of the event. A strategist can take direct control of any vehicle from his squad and operate it as a regular tank, from the third person.

The release date of this update with the new event and mode has not yet been announced.