New roadmap from the developers of the Wild Terra 2

Wild Terra 2 New Lands Beta test screenshot

Juvty Worlds Limited recently shared information about their plans on upcoming upgrades and new features. As the developers say, they're concentrating on the improvement of already existing game aspects, but there are some things that would be worked on in the future. The creators also want to expand the existing range of items and objects.

The sandbox MMO Wild Terra 2 will receive new activities, social-based features, new skills and different continents. Some of these features were already tested in the previous part; others will be added for the first time. In general, Wild Terra 2: New Lands is an ambitious enhancement of its origin, which will most likely have even more immersive gameplay. It already received redesigned graphics system, which creates an entirely different experience of the same concept.

You can find the full roadmap on the official page of the developers: