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New World Review

By BwwDtt | 09 April 2020
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New World is an online MMORPG game with sandbox elements from the American company Amazon.

  • A vast and diverse open world
  • Complete freedom of action
  • Hybrid system of classes
  • The highly dynamic combat system

New World Gameplay

New World is the new online MMORPG developed by Amazon. New World players will have to survive in the open world and build their civilization in harsh weather conditions. At the moment, the game is not entirely done; it's still improving with time. The development team consist of the people who previously participated in projects such as World of Warcraft, Trion Worlds, and End of Nations. One of the features of the game is integration with the Twitch streaming platform. With it, streamers will be able to conduct interactive with the audience.

Events in the game take place in colonized America of the 17th century. The main goal is to conquer an open world with complete freedom of action, where there will be an opportunity to build the civilization. The world will be lively and dynamic: each player's path will be full of adventure. New World gives players complete freedom of choice, from completing missions at their discretion to the lack of class orientations.
The gameplay begins with the creation of a unique character with full customization of the avatar, ranging from gender and physique to appearance.

As planned, the players arrive in the newly discovered lands, which they have to colonize. The gameplay focuses on the development of characters. Also, the main aim of players is the creation of the fortresses and settlements with subsequent protection. The main adversary in the New World will be an infection - a dark force enveloping the spoilage of all living things.

The creators made a huge emphasis on the development of the world. The player will be able at any time to go anywhere in the New World territories. This project offers free research, not limited by the level of the character. The only obstacle to the player's path will be creatures of varying strength and complexity. The developers tried to make the world as vivid as possible: it has has a massive variety of locations, none of which are similar to the other because of the unique flora and fauna, quests and dungeons.

The graphics in the game are an advanced level. There are highly detailed creature models, dynamic lighting, shaders, physics of objects and much more.

One of the features of the New World is the lack of classes. The player will be able to choose the gameplay style using suitable weapons and equipment. Developers give complete freedom of action in what to do and how to do it. Over time, the game will begin to adapt to the user style, helping him succeed in its development.

Players will need to team up with each other to maintain fortified strongholds against other players and hostile creatures. Everyone should be ready for a bloody struggle for survival in the cruel and wild nature.
The emphasis in the New World is made towards the PVE component. Players will be able to act independently, increasing the level of the character, fight with stronger creatures and get a more valuable loot. However, the PVE game is not limited. The PVP system got a proper implementation. It does not force players to fight with other players necessarily. And it also protects low-level characters from high-level players attacks.

The game, like most MMORPGs, will have its in-game store. According to the developers, its presence will not affect the balance in any way, and purchases will be strictly optional.

New World is one of the most anticipated AAA MMORPG projects this year. The game is recommended to all lovers of sandboxes, and open-world RPG. Also, fans of The Elder Scrolls and Life is Feudal series should check out the project.