The next alpha testing phase of Fractured will begin in October

Fractured MMO Free-to-play Alpha 2 Test 4 Testing Screenshot

The MMORPG with sandbox elements Fractured soon will enter the next stage of closed alpha testing. The developers announced that Alpha 2 — Test 4 would start in October 2020; they promised to reveal the exact date later. The current stage of Alpha 2 — Test 3 will be completed on August 19th, 2020.

The next phase will bring a lot of gameplay changes and new mechanics in the game. Each player city will be attached to a specific resource node, which can be mined only by residents. At the moment, only two types of nodes are ready: fertile land and mineral deposits. In addition, the game will receive iron armour and weapons, mounts, wagons, icons on the minimap, direct trading between players and more.