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Nioh Review

By BwwDtt | 15 February 2021
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Nioh is a hardcore souls-like action roleplaying game developed and published by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

  • Asian-influenced visuals and setting
  • Challenging Combat System
  • Infinite Loot
  • Strong and Immersive Narrative

Nioh Gameplay

The core of Nioh consists of powerful storytelling, a few additional DLCs with additional locations and side objectives. The game shares a few similarities with Dark Souls games, Diablo and other RPGs, and in-game elements, such as corpse-run system, player-summoning cooperative gameplay, shortcut-rich levels and various character development options. There are multiple difficulty levels; however, it requires the players to learn basics and diverse enemies throughout the game to succeed.

The story of Nioh is based on the adventures of William Adams in the seventeenth century. He is a sailor who arrived in Japan and earned the respect of Tokugawa Shogun. The protagonist spent a lot of time in the exotic country to become a first-ever Western Samurai, and he grew old and died there as well. The developer team took the story as the base and added various elements, such as demons, ninjas, sorcery and other mythical creatures. The game’s narrative takes the hero through multiple locations to destroy invading enemies and protect Japan and its citizens from evil.

The combat bases on melee attacks; however, you can also use projectile weapons, such as rifles and bows. Nioh offers multiple types of weapons, such as katanas, spears, odachi, tonfas, axes, dual blades and axes. Each of them has light and heavy attacks, which the players should use when the opponents are the most vulnerable. For each weapon, there are three different stances, which change your attacks entirely. The overhead one is slower and consumes more stamina, but it also offers more powerful blows. Low stance consumes less energy and adds more speed to your movements. The Mid positioning is excellent for defending, and it makes it best to start any combat and learn the enemy.

Stamina is the most crucial aspect of any fight in Nioh. Running, blocking, attacking and evading all consume a part of it, but it also slowly regenerates over time. In case you run out of it by one of your actions, the character goes into a lengthy recovery mode. At that time, Adams is most vulnerable to all attacks, and the players should avoid it by maintaining their stamina on higher levels. At the end of each combination of attacks, the players can press a specific button to refill their stamina meters. Still, a wrong timing may grant you less energy or nothing at all. Enemies also have their meters under their health bar, and that allows the players to strategically approach battles and adapt to each opponent and their fighting style.

The customization of Nioh allows the players to change numerous aspects of the gameplay. Apart from a wide variety of available arms, you can also customize the armour pieces, apply specific power-ups, and select a Guardian Spirit. These enchantments grant you a unique passive buff, which may affect the character’s attack speed, damage taken or change the type of your attacks to elemental. Skill branches allow you to add additional effects and abilities to your arsenal, and each piece of gear may have distinct rarity and attributes.

Nioh is rich with objectives, enemies, quests and customization options. The variety of various fights often presents you with multiple bosses at once. Higher difficulty levels also add unique abilities and effects into the mix to make the experience unforgiving and challenging. The game fits both casual and hardcore gamers due to numerous gameplay aspects that allow them to customize nearly everything. The immersive storyline keeps them engaging until the end.

Nioh System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 VRAM 3GB or over AMD Radeon™ R9 280 VRAM 3GB or over
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 3550 or over
  • File Size: 80 GB available space
  • OS: Windows® 10 64bit, Windows® 8.1 64bit, Windows® 7 64bit

Recommended Requirements

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 VRAM 6GB or over AMD Radeon™ R9 380X VRAM 4GB or over
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 4770K or over
  • File Size: 80 GB available space
  • OS: Windows® 10 64bit, Windows® 8.1 64bit, Windows® 7 64bit