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Nioh 2 Review

By BwwDtt | 15 February 2021
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Nioh 2 is an action RPG developed and published by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.

  • Diverse Customization
  • Immersive Storytelling
  • Incredible Visual Quality
  • Authentic Asian Setting

Nioh 2 Gameplay

Nioh 2 takes the best from its predecessor and adds even more variety into the mix. The story focuses on fictional feudal Japan, which is at war with a race of demonic Yokai. You may meet various characters on your journey, such as local lords, blacksmiths, and many others, and there are numerous side quests available to complete. The protagonist is also part-Yokai, which grants you additional powers, and the story is centred on your hero. Unlike the first game, Noah 2 features an immersive character creation toolkit, which allows you to tweak numerous attributes and visual representation of your character.

The basics of Nioh 2 focus on Ki-Pulse, which is similar to stamina in its usage. The players must watch their Ki level to block attacks and perform devastative blows to their opponents. Otherwise, you become vulnerable and unable to move fast enough to avoid attacks. You can also use it to remove the enemy pools, which is also an in-game mechanic, and the players can select one out of three available stances, which are low, mid and high. These have different levels of Ki usage, attacks and protective movements. You can switch between views freely at any point of battles. Enemies also have unblockable attacks, and the players must master Burst Counter technique to avoid damage.

Apart from multiple combat mechanics, the players can customize their fighting style and gear. Nioh 2 features ten weapon types: axes, spears, katanas, switchglaives, bare hands and many others. Each one has a unique skill tree, and you earn points by using that weapon type in combat. There are multiple attributes on each one, such as range, lethality, weight and some others. The players can equip four weapons at once: two melees and two ranged, such as bows, rifles and hand cannons. The game also allows you to choose weaponry to deal increased damage to different types of enemies, and Yokai weapons are effective against human targets. Blessed arms provide additional damage against demons.

Spirit Guardians are ethereal beings, which you unlock during the main storyline. Nioh 2’s protagonist is part-Yokai, allowing you to call to these magical creatures to aid you in battle. They provide the players with additional powers and gifts and change some of the basic attacks for a limited time. There are multiple types of guardians, and you can equip two simultaneously to boost your build’s diversity even further. Ninjutsu and Onmyo spells are also available to the players, and there are elemental weapons and talismans to collect throughout the game.

Nioh 2 allows the players to complete objectives multiple times to grind for better gear, and praying at shrines saves the progress and respawns the hostile creatures in that location. The game also provides you with multiple difficulty levels to increase the engagement of the players. High build diversity and dozens of enemies make each playthrough genuinely unique, and the immersive storyline keeps the players satisfied. The multiplayer provides you with additional game modes and allows the players to create clans to face more challenging enemies together and acquire better gear. Clan system rewards stimulate the players to grind even more activities, and the developers continuously support the game with new DLCs and customization options.