OBT of MMORPG Naïca started on mobile devices and PC

Naica MMORPG Open Beta Test 2020

Cross-platform 2D MMORPG Naica Online (Naïca) has entered the stage of open beta testing on PCs and mobile devices running Android and iOS.The project is available for everyone; you can download it from the official website. Also, the developers have published a new trailer to the beginning of the OBT.

Naïca Online (Naïca) is a free-to-play isometric 2D MMORPG in a fantasy setting and pixel style from indie studio FRIDGE GAMES. The project is cross-platform and is available both on PC and mobile devices. The game features several heroes to choose from, a vast number of weapons and armour for each gameplay style, the multiplayer game mode and many other features.