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Odin Quest Review

By BwwDtt | 16 September 2020
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Odin Quest is a fantasy browser ARPG based on Norse myths.

  • Advanced Pet System
  • Wide Variety of Armour and Weapons
  • Automatic Combat System
  • Five Playable Classes

Odin Quest Gameplay

Odin Quest is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy role-playing game which storyline is based on Scandinavian myths. In this game, you will have to immerse into grand competitions, dangerous journeys, fierce battles and a lot of quests with different storylines.

While playing Odin Quest, you will have to run around the city a lot, so that the NPCs will provide you with the new quests and share more information about the game world. For completion of the missions, you will receive everything you need to start: weapons and armour, potions, pets, and other necessary items.

Each class in Odin Quest has strengths and weaknesses. Warriors don't have the highest damage rates, instead of that, they have durable armour, increased stamina and health. The magicians are very good at destroying a large number of enemies with one attack. The archers can shoot the enemies from the long distances, avoiding the attacks of the opponents. The killers deal incredibly severe damage to single targets, and the healers protect the weak members of the squad, restoring their health and imposing powerful shields.

The gameplay of OdinQuest consists of different immersive activities, PvE and PvP battles, and other challenges. First, you need to turn to all possible non-game characters and recruit tasks from them. In each mission, you have to fight with small monsters, huge bosses, face the most dangerous enemies and receive high rewards.

An essential component of the gameplay is the pet system. Powerful creatures will stand next to the hero and fight as a royal combat assistant. It's even possible to participate in battles of different pets on specific arenas and championships. Players can train their pets to fight with the opponents, customize the appearance, and develop the skills.

Locations of OdinQuest are so diverse that you will have to travel not only in the dark dungeons but also picturesque meadows, the woods and the vast swamps, which allows exploring the world of OdinQuest while completing the assigned tasks. Explore every inch of the magical world and experience the whole range of different challenges prepared by fate for the wanderer. The automatic system of combat and movement simplifies the fights for the players. Heroes run to the place where the target appears even without the player's participation; they even can beat up the enemies using an automatic system of skills.

Odin Quest Classes

Odin Quest features five playable classes: Magician, Warrior, Killer, Priest, Hunter. Each type of characters has unique features, which determine your future tactics and combat strategy. It's necessary to choose a class of hero, depending on your preferences for fighting. As the game progresses, you will accumulate experience points; you can distribute them according to the characteristics of your character, which depend on the hero's ability to defeat opponents on the battlefield.