Official schedule of the New World beta testing stage

New World Beta Testing Stage August 2020

The developers of the fantasy MMORPG New World shared the schedule of the beta testing stage. The test will start on August 25th, the servers will open on the appointed day at 6:00 PM PT and close on September 4th at 08:59 AM. If you have pre-ordered the game via Amazon, you're an alpha tester, or you have applied for CBT, you will receive an email with a Steam activation code giving you access to "New World Preview". If you have pre-ordered the game through Steam, you will receive access automatically.

Invitations will be sent out in waves:

  • Alpha Testers: Waves 1-5 (August 25-29)
  • Players who applied for CBT: Waves 1-5 (August 25-29)
  • Players who pre-ordered the game (Amazon, Steam): Wave 1 (August 25th)

There will be several servers available during the playtest: Western North America, Eastern North America, South America, Central Europe and the Asia Pacific. Unlike the previous closed beta testing, all participants don't have to accept a non-disclosure agreement so that players will be able to share information about the game; however, the NDA will return after this testing.