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OGame Review

By BwwDtt | 17 December 2019
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OGame is a sci-fi text-based strategy MMO in the setting of space exploration. It’s one of the oldest MMO games, that is online for more than 15 years for now.

  • Sophisticated resource management mechanics
  • Dynamic space battles
  • Text-based gameplay
  • Alliance system for the cooperation of players

OGame Gameplay

OGame is a real-time text-based browser MMO, featuring a vast array of different strategic activities. The main feature of this game is complex resource management. Each player starts the game on a single planet, situated in the random area of the space. The goal is to develop the most influential empire and conquer as many worlds as possible.

The essential part of the OGame is the management of the resources and units. When you enter the game for the very first time, you will have to choose a class; each one has a specific bonus to one type of resources. After that, you will receive a letter with a basic description of working panels. You can see the Resources, Facilities, Research, Fleet and many other windows. Each one contains specific structures and sources of materials that can be upgraded or changed. Also, you have an opportunity to build various structures and develop them: this is one of the first activities that you will perform in the game because each player starts with no buildings on the planet. Depending on the window you open, you can begin building or upgrading a structure only by clicking on its icon. This action always requires common resources to be done. If you don’t have enough materials at your warehouses, you will be asked to buy the Dark Matter — a specific premium currency that can be purchased for real money.

The main currency in the OGame is resources, gathered on your planet. You can buy a fleet and different items for it. Every action requires a certain amount of money; it makes no difference if it’s a ship improvement or a market purchase. To gain materials, you will need to have specific mining buildings and the energy to power them. If you have no power, the extraction speed will decrease continuously. All actions are happening in real-time, so think overall activities before assigning a task.

One of the most fundamental features of OGame gameplay is PvP battles. It’s released in the form of raids. You can spy on other players, attack their planets and ships, steal the resources and recycle the destroyed ships. The raids are not always profitable: the game has a specific rank system, that ranges from a Bandit status with the 100% of loot from it to Dishonorable, that provides only 50% of the gain. Overmind all of the information about your enemy before you start the raid because battleships require fuel and time to attack and return to your base.

Fortunately, the power of your fleet and base can be improved by different researches. This function requires a Research Lab to be built on your home planet; after that, you will be able to start developing the technologies. Every improvement requires a specified amount of resources, such as Metal, Crystal or Deuterium. Only that building can open the development of the first battleships. After that, you will be able to open different types of inventions, such as Basic Researches, Drive Researches, Combat Researches and Advanced Researches.

The battleships are available to players only after plenty of scientific researches. There are different types of spaceships; the ones that are open at the very beginning are much weaker and slower than more advanced models. The ships are divided into Cargo Carriers, Colony Ships, Recyclers, Probes, Satellites and different types of battleships. Each one has its role in the economics of game or the battle mechanics. It’s much more convenient to recruit ships and install advancements depending on the chosen style of your gameplay: Explorer, Fighter or Merchant.

Since the game provides a function to attack the planets and ships of other players, you should always be worried about the protection of your base. You can place the defensive units to guard your buildings or reconstruct the damaged ones. Also, your base can be protected by the fleet, staying around your planet. You always need to remember about fleet saving, when you’re leaving the game for a couple of hours. There is an opportunity to base your ships on the Moon or at the colonies, or you can try different methods such as attacking of other player or planet-planet deployment. Be careful because different ways have different levels of protection.

It’s much easier to develop, fight and trade if you’re united with other players. On this case, the OGame offers a system of alliances. Players can freely cooperate into different groups and unions, but the alliance members have specific benefits from their status. The Alliance Membership often means the support from your allies, joint defence of the colonies, and fast cooperation with advanced players in case if you want to have an advice. The community is rather small but active and friendly so that you can join the gameplay quickly.