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Omega Zodiac Review

By BwwDtt | 31 October 2019
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Omega Zodiac is a free-to-play fantasy browser MMORPG developed by the Proficient City and published by the Game Hollywood.

  • Picturesque colorful locations
  • An exciting variation of ancient mythologies
  • Most NPCs are pretty girls
  • Low-spec game

Omega Zodiac Gameplay

Before you start playing, you must create your character. You could choose its class and name. After that, you will join the game server.

The lore of the game takes its roots from the Norse and Greek mythologies. You will face dozens of gods, fight with them, and save their lives. The main plot of the game starts with a story about the goddess called Athena. She is on the verge of life and death because of the evil shadow that weakened her. Your character is a defender of Athena. You have to collect all the holy armor suits and join the fight with the forces of evil. Your destination is to become a Zodiac Warrior, the strongest brave hero, and save the world from the Ragnarok.

The gameplay of the Omega Zodiac is conventional for all dungeon crawlers. You see your hero from the top perspective view. If you want to send the hero somewhere, then you need to click on the ground in this place. In most cases, auto-navigation will be offered for quests so that you do not get lost between destination points. Conversations with NPCs and battles are based on the same principle. You can also interact with other players through the chat.

To become the best in battle, you will need to use preset skills and abilities that are unique to each of the classes. You also should know the weak points of each enemy type. It will be wise to use suitable skills because it will help you to kill the foe faster and easier.

If you want to level up your character as fast as it is possible, then you have to collect the special upgrade materials called Evolution Material. Those items can be found at the dungeons. Also, you can get there different useful things, such as equipment, Sacred Sets, and Experience Points.

Omega Zodiac also has some game activities for gamers who like to play with friends or to compete with other people. You can fight on different PvP and PvE arenas, create or join a Guild, and even participate in a cross-server PvP.

For example, if you want to kill a powerful boss, but your character is too weak, you can call other players in a group and start the competition together. You have to join the Boss event, choose the one you would like to kill, and after the battle, your reward will be delivered on your mailbox depending on the damage you have done to the Boss.

If you have some friends to play, you can team up with them. There could be only three people in one group at the same time, so, unfortunately, it will not be possible to gather a large company together.

The Omega Zodiac also has a GvG PvP. If you have a top-eight guild, you can participate in a guild war. All the participators will receive a unique reward, and the winner will receive the title of the Guild Overlord.

If you bought a VIP account, you could visit the VIP dungeons. There are three of them in a game at the moment. You can challenge each of them only once a day, but it is worth it. The reward for killing bosses is exciting.

The Omega Zodiac is a game for casual players who want to excite the beautiful visuals and interesting dynamic gameplay.

Omega Zodiac Classes

There are three classes to choose from. There are also two talent trees for each class.

  • Archer is a sneaky long-range class that prefers to use a bow to kill the enemy quietly.
  • Mage is an incarnation of the Shadow Dragon. An adept of the dark arts can damage enemies from a long range.
  • Warrior is a brutal tank class that relies only on the sword and physical strength.