Operation Neon Dawn will bring a new operative Aruni in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn Operation Reveal & New Operative Aruni

Today Ubisoft revealed more information about the upcoming novelties in cooperative shooter Rainbow Six Siege, the main of which are associated with the new operative. Operation Neon Dawn will launch on the test server tomorrow, November 9th. Neon Dawn is the last, fourth season of the fifth year of R6S support.

In addition to the new operative, the new season will bring a redesigned map "Skyscraper". It will have a reduced number of balconies, and the layout will be slightly modified with the new transitions and updated charge points.

New operative Aruni will arrive in the game with plenty of new tricks. Her arsenal includes P10 RONI submachine gun or MK14 EBR rifle as a primary weapon and PRB92 pistol as an additional one. Aruni's essential gadget is the Surya barrier, which can be installed on damaged and fortified walls, windows and hatches, completely blocking the passage with lasers.

Lasers destroy drones, devices and projectiles, and also causes significant damage to enemy fighters. Once the Surya hits something, it will be shut down for a while. You can't destroy the gadget completely, but after the reload, it won't turn on automatically — you have to do it manually. The barrier is automatically disabled when there is an ally next to it. Aruni can also remove the device and reinstall it.

The operative also has secondary gadgets such as barbed wire or proximity sensors, as well as the prosthesis of the left hand, which is well suited for the destruction of unfortified surfaces.