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Outriders Review

By BwwDtt | 17 June 2020
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Outriders is a cooperative shooter in an original dark fantasy universe which features battles for squads of 3 players.

  • Classic RPG elements
  • Skill-based character development
  • Unique combat mechanics
  • Vast explorable world

Outriders Gameplay

The plot of the Outriders is set in the grim fantasy world of the planet Enoch, where people land in search of a mysterious signal hidden behind the big gate.

Outriders are a third-person role-playing shooter. At the beginning of the game, players have to create unique characters and choose one of four classes, each of which has an exclusive set of abilities that can be used in combat. They include the time controlling Trickster, Pyromancer who able to manipulate fire and master of seismic attacks Devastator. Their unique skills have quick reboot times, so it's possible to combine them with other abilities for maximum effect. The development of characters is available through the skill tree system, where you can choose the appropriate skills.

The game features several types of weapons suitable for different characters: there are shotguns and assault rifles to defeat enemies and unique, customizable weapons with exclusive abilities. During the combat, players have to hide to protect from the attacks because health is only restored when players harm or kill the enemies, both monsters and humans. As the player develops, the world level (it's an equivalent to difficulty level) will increase. The higher the scale, the more likely that the player will get a high-class loot from the defeated monsters.

The game includes various elements of the role-playing genre. Outriders feature the hubs where players can talk to non-playable characters, trade and perform additional quests. The dialogue tree of the cutscenes allows you to decide the style and outcome of the dialogues, even though it doesn't change the endings or progress. It's possible to play this game alone and in a cooperative multiplayer that can gather up to three players.

The developers call the upcoming shooter a dream project. Outriders will have a cooperative mode with the ability to join the game at any time, and the main emphasis is put in the story. The unique deep world should encourage players to explore the possibilities of the gameplay as well as various weapons of new and unusual forms and monsters inhabiting Enoch.