The PC version of Fortnite will receive a performance mode

Fortnite Performance mode and Reboot a Friend program

Epic Games announced that on December 15th, PC version of the online shooter Fortnite would receive an alpha version of the new "Performance" mode. It will significantly increase the frame rate, as well as reduce memory consumption and load on the processor and graphics card by simplifying the picture. Also, the new features will help speed up downloads.

The new feature, which is available in the options menu, will only work in the "Battle Royale" and the creative mode. Owners of low-end computers will see a recommendation to enable this mode after starting the game.

Also, players will be able to turn off the high-resolution textures, which will free up about 14 GB on the drive — the final size of the game will be only 17 GB. The instructions are as follows:

  • Open the Epic Games launcher.
  • Select the "Library".
  • Click on the three dots next to Fortnite.
  • Select "Options."
  • Uncheck the box that allows you to use high-quality textures.

Also, Epic Games is now giving away gifts for bringing a friend back to Fortnite.

If you have a friend who hasn't played Fortnite in a while, you can try to convince them to return to the game. If the invited player returns, you'll both receive cosmetic rewards. It's all thanks to Epic Games' new "Reboot a Friend" program.

The essence of this event is simple: you need to go to a special page and click on the "Let's find a friend" button. It will open a list of friends who have not logged into the game for over a month. Then you need to click on the button "Return" next to the nickname of a friend and send an invitation. If the player agrees, you need to play together a certain number of matches to get the following rewards:

  • 1 Match — Reboot Emoticon
  • 5 Matches — Key Change Lobby Track
  • 10 Matches — Twin Talons Pickaxe
  • 20 Matches — Holofoil Wrap