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Perfect World

Perfect World is a Chinese based free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. The game is managed by Perfect World Entertainment and debuted in 2005. The game had a refresh and was relaunched as Perfect World international in 2012. The relaunch included improved graphics and more balanced gameplay. Perfect World has a broad global audience with most players being based in the Asian region.

Perfect World is a regularly updated MMORPG that has regular events and expansions to its gameplay. The game's story is based on an ongoing battle against the Wraith. An ancient prophecy has foretold the end of Perfect World you and other players must combat the evil to keep the apocalypse from coming. The world of Pangu has in-depth lore that fleshes out the history of the game world.

The core gameplay of perfect world features several combinations of races and character types. There are six races and ten different classes to choose from in all. These classes include short-range and long-range combat types to help build your preferred play-style. There are stats in the game that can help yours with both PvP or PvE combat. Each time you level up, you will gain 5 points to place into your chosen skills. Your speed, stealth, and channeling will all be affected by how you want to spend your skill points. Skill points will also determine your slaying and warding levels that affect PvP.

The combat in Perfect World is a combination of clicking a mouse and hotkeys to unleash special skills. You can gain EXP by doing both quests or fighting enemies. The game has 80 v 80 faction battles for those who love PvP. Faction battles are cross-server, allowing teams to challenge each other without any obstacles in the way. You can party up with other player or even apply to join a guild. Parties are a great way to conquer the dungeons in this world, giving you access to special loot.

Perfect World features an in-depth character creation mode that lets you make the avatar of your dreams. Movement in this game is unique as you fly around the map and explore from a vertical angle. This gives the game a fairy-like feel that you can't find in many other MMORPGs. Finding a party can sometimes be difficult thanks to the language barriers, but can help speed up the leveling process when successful.

Who is it for?

Perfect Word is an excellent game for those who love RPGs with sprawling histories. The combat is easy to pick-up, making the game accessible to those new to MMORPGs. The unique movement gives the game a unique feel perfect for those tired of class styled movement. Perfect World doesn't have as many English speaking players, which could make finding a party difficult for some. This is a game best played with friends or by those who are attracted to the mass PvP battles. This game is currently available on PC and can be downloaded through Steam.