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Perfect World Review

By sxweb | 25 July 2019
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Perfect World is free-to-play MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World. Beijing Perfect World published the game for China and Perfect World Entertainment for the USA.

  • Fantastic character creation system
  • Cross-Server PvP
  • Lots of regular events and extensive content
  • Ability to fly whenever you want

Perfect World Gameplay

The whole Perfect World was created by Pan Gu, the first being. At first, he tried to create new living creatures from his shadow, but these creatures were vicious. They corrupted the world and fought among themselves. So Pan Gu cleansed the world and created new creatures with pure and kind souls. He decided to leave them and let them live their life. But not everything was right: the creatures destroyed by Ban Gu returned to the world. So all races needed to unite to defeat this threat and save the Perfect World.

Perfect World is one of the typical MMORPG games, except that you can fly. You have a classic third-person view on your hero, lots of beautiful locations where you can find NPCs to talk. Your main ways of spending time in this game are completing quests, grind, or roleplay part of the game. Perfect World puts a great emphasis on communication between players. Besides usual features like clans or group raids, there are some more exciting things. For example, you can find yourself a lover and get married. These small details were the reason why PW became so popular game.

At first, most of your time will be occupied by quests. You will have to talk a lot with the NPCs, find out their stories, and help everyone who needs your help. After creating the character, you will meet an assistant of your race. This NPC will explain how to navigate the game. After that, you will begin your journey in the Perfect World. The basic mechanics of the game are that you will need to raise the level of your character to go further. It will take a lot of time and effort, but if you want, you can speed up the process by shopping in the in-game store.

Anyway, if you only want to enjoy the storyline and beautiful style of the game, not shine on top of the Leaderboard - you can easily play in the PW for free.

Perfect World Classes

Perfect World has a very deep character editor; you can work out your hero to the smallest detail. You can change the race, gender, name, and appearance, even the proportions of each part of the body. There are six classes and fourteen classes in-game, so you can find one that is perfect for you. For those who don’t want to spend time creating a character, there are ready-made models.

  • Humans - the dominant race in Perfect World. They can be found almost everywhere. Humans have no innate abilities, just like real ones; they can't fly or turn into an animal. Human classes:

    - Blademaster, melee class. Perfect swordsman that both dangerous in PvP and PvE.
    - Wizard, ranged magical class. They have the most serious damage in-game, but this class is hard enough to play.
    - A technician is a ranged class only for female characters. Dangerous class with high mobility and potential.

  • Untamed - proud feral race. Their relationship with people is rather complicated due to the difference in characters. Untamed can shapeshift into an animal, like a fox or tiger. Untamed classes:

    - Barbarian - physically strong melee class with a unique skill that turns him into a white tiger.
    -Venomancer - a ranged magical class. They are the only class who can use tamed pets to attack an enemy. Like Barbarians they can turn into a fox.

  • Winged Elves - this race was created from the blood of Pan Gu. These creatures are beautiful and graceful. The unique ability of Winged Elves is that they can fly from birth. Elven Classes:

    -Archer, long-range class. They can use crossbows, bows, and slingshots. Archers are the fastest class in-game.
    -Cleric, the main healing class of the game. They can fly without mana.

  • Tideborn - an aquatic race. They were born in the ocean and lived in solitude for a long time, meditating and purifying their minds. Classes:

    -Assassin, skilful melee class. They choose daggers as a weapon. Assasins have low HP, but they are fast and strong.
    -Psychic, master of mental magic. They can use defensive and offensive skills.

  • Earthguard - those creatures may look similar to humans, but only at first glance. They have a third eye on their foreheads. Earthguards rose from the ground to help other races. Classes:

    -Mystic, support and healer. An innocent soul who loves nature.
    -Seeker, hybrid melee class with a variety of AoE skills.

  • Nightshade - descendants of the reapers. They decided to help other races in war with the Wraiths. It is a humanoid race, similar to the earthguard. Classes:

    -Duskblade, hybrid melee class. One of the best PvP classes.
    -Stormbringer, dangerous killer wizards.

  • Perfect World System Requirements

    Recommended Requirements

    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GS 256 Mb
    • CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 1.5 or equivalent
    • File Size: 14 GB
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 32bit