Phoenix Labs released trailer of the Reforged update for Dauntless

Dauntless Reforged Update Release December 3rd 2020

Phoenix Labs published a launch trailer of the Reforged update for Action RPG Dauntless. It shows all the main innovations that will appear with the release of a large content patch on December 3.

The game will receive the redesign of most major systems, such as progression systems, adding an entirely new type of activities — hunting grounds, island events and much more. The project will become more friendly to newcomers, as well as allow hardcore players to test their skills in the new challenges.

Dauntless Regorged Update Hunting Grounds
Players will be able to receive special hunt rewards during the exploration of the new Hunting Grounds

The Hunting Grounds are Dauntless' largest and most ambitious features yet, designed to provide players with a variety of different activities. The Hunting Grounds offer 18 handcrafted islands to explore, filled with new flora, fauna, treasures, challenges, and powerful Behemoths. Another significant feature of an update is the island events that call all Slayers to cooperate for challenging encounters. Moreover, the developers have provided an opportunity to seamlessly restock your supplies on islands using a new consumable source called supply crates.

Dauntless is a free cooperative online Action/RPG in a fantasy setting. The world of Dauntless was divided into floating islands after a series of catastrophic events, and that's when monsters appeared. The Behemoths began to devour the remnants of land. Players will have to take on the role of elite warriors, known as Slayers, who protect humanity by hunting ferocious monsters. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch and PC in the Epic Games store; it also supports cross-play and cross-progression.