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Pirates of Everseas Review

By BwwDtt | 27 October 2020
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Pirates of Everseas is a strategy game developed by Moonmana for the PC.

  • Build an invincible fleet
  • Create a great prosperous empire
  • Explore the world with other players
  • Unite and fight for resources

Pirates of Everseas Gameplay

Build a maritime empire in Pirates of Everseas! Develop your city, build your ships, explore the open sea and fight your enemies in an exciting strategy game!

Pirates of Everseas is a fun and addictive game that immerses you in the gameplay from the first minutes. From the very first minutes, you will start competing for the title of best captain ever sailed on the high seas. On your journey, you will encounter terrible sea monsters, dragons and flotillas of other players. The best captains can try their hand at battling ghost ships carrying untold treasures.

Remember that you are not the only treasure hunter in the seas. Be vigilant, as other pirates are always ready to sack your ship and reap the resources of others. The result of all battles depends on you: you can both lose the competition or win and take possession of all your opponent's treasures.

Once you start the game, you will arrive at a small island in the middle of the ocean. You will be given support with plenty of resources and one week of protection from attacks by other players, which will allow you to collect as much material as possible and improve your ship before engaging in battle with other players on the high seas. If you take advantage of these benefits, you can quickly develop your potential and take part in the most challenging battles.

Once the defence of your island is over, other players will be able to attack your fleets and buildings as well as your home island. Be sure to prepare yourself for a severe battle before you meet other players.

Build and upgrade buildings on your island, create new weapons and ships to navigate the sea, and develop your island. Remember to build your Resource Buildings and Town Hall so that you have a permanent source of income!

In Pirates of Everseas, you will encounter many different types of monsters that have various resources to build and develop your ships. But be careful, some monsters have special abilities that require careful tactics. Start by fighting weak monsters that represent the essential materials, and gradually you will find more and more severe enemies. As your level grows, the monsters that appear near your island will also become more powerful.