PlanetSide 2 received a significant update "Shattered Warpgate"

PlanetSide 2 Shattered Warpgate Update

Sci-fi MMOFPS Planetside 2 was released eight years ago, and it's still popular. Developers are constantly releasing content and balance patches, but this time they have prepared a significant update with plenty of new content. All this content should help attract new players as well as veterans to the game.

The latest update is called Shattered Warpgate and brings a lot of significant changes:

  • Updated Esamir: The Esamir Continent has undergone significant changes, including the visual processing of bases and structures, new alien flora and improvements to skyboxes, and a deadly electric storm on the battlefield.
  • New mission system: players now have access to a wide range of daily missions that can be completed for the awards.
  • New weapons and equipment: new items such as cold steel close combat weapons, Havoc missiles and special grenades are now available as campaign awards or can be purchased.
  • Sanctuary changes: improvements to the social hub include graphic updates and the addition of inter-factional text chat.
  • Resource balance improvement: the value of military assets has been revised.
  • Indar Landscape Changes: critical locations on the Indar continent have been redesigned to improve the overall balance and battles on the map.