Pre-registration for the global version of the Bless Mobile has started

Bless Mobile Pre-registration Global Version

The company JOYCITY has announced the start of pre-registration for the global version of the fantasy action MMORPG Bless Mobile. All players can apply for the registration in AppStore and Google Play. Everyone who has passed the registration will receive at the start of the in-game items worth up to $50.

The game was previously released only in the South Korean market. Bless Mobile is based on the long-suffering Bless IP for PC and is made using the Unreal Engine 4. At the launch, the project will have four races: Habichts, Masque, Pantera and Aqua Elf. There are five classes of characters: Ranger, Berserker, Mage, Guardian and Paladin with many subclasses and customization features.

Release date of MMORPG Bless Mobile is still unknown, but the AppStore indicates a release date of 26th January.

In fantasy MMORPG Bless Mobile, each class is designed to perform a specific role. The developers are trying to create the perfectly balanced character development and gameplay roles. Users will have to combine archetypes and their skills depending on what task is in front of them; players will not have to grind to develop the character. Instead, they will be offered several different sources at once, such as exploration, trials, abyss, ordeal, etc. Users will determine what content is worth doing in the next few hours. Virtually all equipment is obtained exclusively through in-game means until the user reaches the maximum Legendary Grade. It also means that players will not be able to get weapons/armour through loot boxes.

After creating a character, you automatically become a novice guild member, a kind of introductory version of this system with basic functionality. Upon reaching level 30, players can leave it and join a standard guild, thereby gaining access to new content. The developers believe that the final point of interaction between players is guilds, so they plan to develop this aspect and improve it in every way.