The Princess of Calpheon will become a playable character in Black Desert

Black Desert Online Princess of Calpheon Nova Announce

During the last live stream on the official YouTube channel of the fantasy MMORPG Black Desert Online, the developers have announced a new playable class. Like Shai, she is a full-fledged character with her own story. She is the last Princess of the kingdom of Calpheon named Nova.

Nova uses the Morning Star weapon and the Quoratum Shield, which contains the ancient power, in battle. Her giant shield allows her to withstand enemy attacks, and her weapon chains can reach the enemy at quite a long distance.

The new class will be available December 22, 2020, and in three versions of the game: in Black Desert on PC and consoles, as well as in the mobile Black Desert Mobile. Ahead of the release of the update, Pearl Abyss is launching several events with different rewards.

Black Desert is an MMORPG with sandbox elements. Here in the living developing world, you can besiege castles, buy and build houses, engage in various types of trade and production. The battle system is based on the principle of non-target, similar to the console games in the Action genre. An important role in Black Desert play sieges, as well as guild and territorial wars. Great emphasis is placed on tactics and manoeuvres. It applies to both one-on-one duels, as well as large-scale battles. To ensure success, it is essential to position troops, camps, equipment and supplies appropriately.