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Project TL Review

By BwwDtt | 20 October 2020
Average: 6.6 (16 votes)

Project TL is an MMORPG game developed by Team TL and published by NCSOFT.

  • Massive Explorable World
  • Multiple Playable Classes
  • In-depth Character Customization
  • Interactable Environment

Project TL Gameplay

Project TL begins the experience for the players in the infamous Lineage universe, and the setting allows the players to explore the familiar world after two hundred years of the original storyline. The developers offer the players to interact with various in-game events and activities in a way to affect the entire world and its further development, and they can affect numerous changes including locations, enemies and other characters and their fates. The game keeps the atmosphere of the two classic games, and various mechanics stay the same to provide a similar, but brand-new experience to the players.

Project TL provides the players with multiple classes and unique abilities, and you can level them up to unlock even more perks and other customizable features. The game includes classes, such as warrior, assassin, mage, support and archer. Each one has a specific in-game role, and the players may need a tank, a damage dealer or healer while participating in diverse activities. You can also affect the characteristics of each hero to allow them to interact differently with enemies and other players; however, some classes may have specific passive perks to enable them to be better at some particular roles.

This MMORPG features an immersive experience, and the in-game world and its environment are fully changeable and destructible. The dynamic weather affects the surroundings, and it can also affect some of the combat mechanics in some areas or during specific activities. That way, the players can change the shape of the game with their actions, and some of them are irreversible. You can climb walls and mountains to gain an additional advantage in combat, and a large number of quests make the players reach seemingly unreachable locations for extra rewards.

Project TL offers the players the complex player-versus-player system, and there are numerous ways to engage in combat against other characters. You can find others in the open world and attack them on sight, and there is no limit to the number of participants in such activities. The players can organize massive scale battles against other guilds and clans with up to three hundred players involved, and there are also multiple available modes, such as siege and team elimination. The game offers the arena system, and you can face small teams of other players with a similar level and gear level to climb the ladder and unlock better equipment and various cosmetic improvements.

The game provides the players with diverse player-versus-environment activities, and there are multiple raids and powerful world bosses to fight. That allows the players to acquire powerful artefacts and increase their characteristics. The game also includes randomly generated dungeons, and the players always encounter new enemies and bosses, along with valuable rewards and achievements. Some items can improve rideable mounts to affect the speed and other attributes.

Project TL fits both casual and hardcore players due to numerous activities available to everyone, and the game supports Cloud Connect system, which allows you to participate in some activities using mobile devices. The project offers a lot of in-game content, and it can satisfy the needs of most kinds of players, and continuously changing environment adds a unique atmosphere to the game to ensure the players get a new experience at all times.