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Project V4 Review

By BwwDtt | 25 June 2020
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Project V4 is a Nexon MMORPG for mobile devices and PCs.

  • Cross-platform gameplay
  • Open-world boss hunt
  • Deep character customization
  • Well-balanced character system

Project V4 Gameplay

The project has a classic plot with many side-activities, such as dungeons and world bosses. Also, the game has four types of camera: top-down view, the third person, centring the hero, observation from the height, and action mode with visual effects.

The development of the project is led by the creators of the popular online games like Lineage 2 and TERA. The creators of the project promise to implement the Artisan technology unique to Unreal Engine. Among other things, the game uses photorealistic graphic technologies, which has only recently become possible for games for mobile platforms.

The game offers over than 50 customizable elements for characters, including tails, noses, body shapes and other features. There are also basic presets for each hero.

As for the class system, there are six different roles: Blader, Knight, Gunslinger, Magician, Warlord, Axler. Each one has unique effects and skills, including "awaken" mode Devil Chaser, which can be activated manually to increase the hero's fighting power several times. Also, in this mode, all skills are replaced by new, more powerful abilities.

The pets in Project V4 are all divided into several types: beasts, spirits or demons. Pets in the game are represented both as cute animals, and fighters in full equipment. In addition to combat tasks, they can also perform operations to collect loot or ingredients.

A unique feature of V4 is a central hub or place "between servers" where players from five different servers can gather. All of them in the future can involve giant alliance battles and other battles, pre-united.

In addition to PvP, Project V4 has a full-scale raid system in the open world; in other words, the game offers the hunt for world bosses. It can involve up to 300 players, and the rating table of the guilds depends on the caused damage. The most influential alliance will receive additional awards.

Project V4 Classes

Blader is a warrior with two swords and a unique "connection" feature. If the attack is successful, then the connection may appear instead of the ability on the fast slot. It's a mark that marks the enemy and allows to cause additional damage.

Knight is a close combat fighter with a single-handed sword and shield. Its unique skill "fortification" increases the attack and defence. Unlike Blader, this skill is powered by caused damage, which makes Knight the best tank in the game.

Warlord is a classic warrior with a two-handed hammer as the primary weapon and combat gloves as an additional weapon. They are not as armoured as Knight and have less health. However, they have a unique skill that allows them to deal enormous amounts of damage.

Magician is a classic magician class for dealing massive amounts of damage from a distance with spells that use a staff and crystal ball. Its unique feature is an ability that increases the value of damage and the speed of the character.

Gunslinger is a class that is effective at long distances; they use guns as a primary and additional weapon. It's an excellent evasive class that can use a unique ability to combine skills into one set and use as many as ten active skills instead of five basic ones

Axler is a hybrid class with short- and medium-range attack functions. The primary weapon is an axe that can be used for its intended purpose, or it can fire exploding cannonballs. Its Airflow and Link skills are similar to Blader, which consumes the accumulated energy to produce a powerful buff for a short time. It allows players to deal explosive damage to the target.